Iftar at Azraq, Banana Island Resort

It was my first iftar at Azraq at the beautiful Banana Island Resorts and the family and I were really looking forward to it. Its almost like a getaway, a mini adventure within the limits of Doha. The restaurant was closed beginning of Ramadan and opened earlier this week I believe. I am happy that I was not disappointed with the food options but I surely was disappointed with the staff organizing the transport to and from the island.

Firstly, we arrived earlier than required to board the boat. The staff organizing the tickets for our group of 10 was just ‘cold’. Not the best way to greet your guests, I would say but oh-well! The restaurant, its food and service is what we were looking for.
Once on the boat, you are well taken care off. Staff is lovely making sure that you and the kids are comfortable. And you are greeted to the beautiful views of Doha, absolutely breathtaking!

BI 1

After about 25 minutes of the boat ride, you reach the island and plenty of staff to help out and greet you. We went straight to Azraq to check out the place.

Upon arriving, the hostess showed us the table promptly and even gave us a tour of the various food stations and buffets and dessert counters . There also is a well spaced kids corner with a little bouncy castle! The kids are sure going to love it.

The buffet is quite well spread inside and outside the restaurant. It is worth checking out all counters especially with the kids. There is a full buffet spread inside the restaurant and also one outside where the further seats have been set up.

I found all food delicious and well presented. All items were replenished right away.

  • Breads, soups, mezzo and salads.
  • Italian counter – with pizzas, pasta, spaghetti, lasagne. Pasta was yum!
  • Indian counter – with fresh breads/nan were coming in, biryani, curry and excellent kababs.
  • A counter with Foul, a live station for saj, live shwarmas with fries, a Khabsa.
  • Another buffet with sausages, grilled shrimps and fish.
  • Dessert, oh dessert – I was happy. There are plenty of items to choose from – tarts, puddings, arabic desserts, turkish delights, cakes, chocolate fountain.
    For those who would like to go easy on the sugar, there is wide variety of fruit for you to choose from.  The kids will be delighted with an ice cream truck with gummies as toppings and a lovely chocolate fountain. In all other tents I have been to, I have seen only date trees, here we saw date mountains.
    The dessert that took my fancy was the ‘Halawat Al Jibin’. I have had this in several places but this took me by surprise. Stuffed with banana and nutella, so simple but so delicious. In a life of exotic things, a little simple is what blows you away, yes?
  • I was totally delighted with the little tea counter which also had servers making you tea. Their karak-chai was not bad at all!
  • Ramadan drinks, sodas and water are included in the buffet. Other drinks come at an additional cost.

Here are some pics of appetizers and mains –

Here are some pics of desserts –

All in all, I would say it was a very good experience at the restaurant. Service is also good and staff is attentive.  You are well taken care off during the duration of your meal. At the live counters, the chefs appear genuinely happy to serve you.
If you go for iftar, you are also treated to the gorgeous view of the  sunset from the restaurant. You can also choose an outdoor seating.

BI Prices
However, we were once again disappointed with the transport service provided on the way back to the terminal. I would highly recommend to confirm and reconfirm your timings on the tickets and not settle for any change they provide.

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