Westin Doha’s Ramadan Tent

I love the culinary options that Westin Doha has to offer, my favorites being Sabai Thai and Hunter’s. This led my expectations a bit high for the Ramadan tent this year. I was expecting improvements from last year’s inaugural tent and there sure was a lot to look forward to. (We attended Souhour)

The interior was lovely featuring gorgeous Arabian motifs throughout the ballroom with beautiful soft lighting. I loved the the general set up of the room with the private dining areas in the corners, interesting table decor and the sushi/appetizer tables in the center.

I was happy with the service – Our table was well attended to. The banquet manage, Mr. Kola Narendra was giving personal attention to all guests as far as I could see. He was super friendly and made the guests very comfortable.

Coming to food; the highlight was the bazaar style food display outside the ballroom as opposed to a regular buffet. This was very unique in my opinion and also helped to disperse the crowd. There was very little waiting involved at the booths and most importantly all booths had staff covering them and were mostly live cooking stations.

Nearly all booths had live cooking –

  • Mexican – These had the tortilla chips with sour cream, guacamole (yum) and the chicken/beef chili
  • Shwarma – live shwarmas here.
  • Pasta – Nothing like live cooking pasta. Super delicious pasta here. This was a very popular station with the kids. My 4 year old finished his helping of white pasta.
  • Quzi – A fresh helping of lamb arrived as I reached this station and the meat was absolutely delish and melt in the mouth!
  • Kumpis – Baked potato but a very disappointing one. Half a potato with butter, corn,  cheese and other add-ins but no sour cream was offered here. I would’ve expected a much better loaded baked potato at this place.
  • Falafel – nothing exciting, some pieces were over-done.
  • Tandoori – or Indian. This station had some yummy biryani.
  • Thai – This was a HUGE disappointment for me. This station offered only some noodles and live Tom Yum soup. I would have expected at least a green curry.
  • Some others stations inlcuded Tantuni, Foul, Balik Elmek.

Now coming to desserts, there were plenty of turkish delights, Um Ali (an excellent one!), date cakes, mamouls and many other Arabian desserts. All of these were delicious. The  Um Ali was one of the best I’ve had. There was a mango souffle as well. But my biggest disappointment was yet to hit – there was not a single chocolate dessert that night – no cake, mousse! What also took me by surprise was that there was no chocolate fountain as well, which is now a permanent dessert entry in nearly all buffets.

All in all, it was an interesting experience but surely not the best. I’m afraid the Doha dining scene is ever growing making us spoilt for choices.

Even though there has been quite an improvement in this tent since last year, it still has to meet the standards of the other tents in Doha.

However, if we are to compare prices, this is priced lesser than most other tents so I would say that this is what the price gets us. Entertainer vouchers can be used.
Iftar – QR 195
Souhour – QR 220

Ramadan Tent - The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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